School Policy  

The rules given below specify the necessary guidelines for behaviour and code of conduct which the students are expected to follow:



 •   The school diary, exercise notebooks and the writing materials are required to be brought to the school every day without fail.
 •   The school diary contains the daily homework and messages that need to be exchanged between parents and teachers. Parents are expected to go through the       Diaries on daily basis and sign on remarks given by the teachers and also acknowledge the circulars sent.
 •   Homework must always be completed and handed over to the teacher in time.
 •   Students are expected to take care of the school property and any damage to it results in the imposition of a fine or necessary replacement of the damaged       property.
 •   The school authorities do not accept responsibility for the loss of articles, books, or money brought to the school by students.
 •   Library books must be returned on time. If a library book is lost, cost thereof has to be paid by the student.
 •   Any damage done to the school property is assessed and charged to the student responsible for the damage.

 •   Absenteeism is completely discouraged as it hampers the student's progress.
 •   The students are expected to be in the school premises maximum by 7-30 AM, in time for the assembly.
 •   Late coming is seriously viewed and recorded in the diary for the parents to ensure punctuality. Any student arriving late gets a late slip. Three late slips lead to a       fine of AED: 10/= or suspension for a day.
 •   Any leave intended to be taken by the students only in acute emergency case, has to be by prior permission. For this purpose, leave application written by the       parents, should be submitted to the school before availing of the leave. The leave availed of by the student is entered in the leave record of his/her diary.
 •   Students having recovered from an infectious disease are allowed to attend the school only upon submission of medical certificate confirming completion of       the necessary quarantine period.



 •   The complete school uniform must be worn by every student during school hours and while traveling to and from the school.
 •   Cleanliness and neatness of the uniform must be maintained.
 •   The P.E. uniform must be worn on P.E. days according to the school timetable.
 •   Ornaments and valuables should not be worn by children while attending the school.
 •   Mobile phones, Musical Players and or other gadgets of similar nature are strictly prohibited. Parents are expected to ensure that children do not carry such       devices to the school.

All children from Year 4 upwards are provided by the school with personal lockers. The children take home each day only those books they may need for reading and homework assignments. The remaining books and materials are secured in the personal lockers and keys are handed over to the class teacher to be repossessed on the next school day. A key/lock replacement charge of AED 15/-is imposed for the locker key lost or broken.


The school bags should be of medium size to fit into the locker. Oversized bags and trolley bags are not permitted.


Use of CHEWING GUM in the school, is strictly prohibited.
Shoes with black rubber soles are not allowed.