Pristine Private school is proud to display a consistent record of its students excelling in both local and international events, competitions and exams. The school is a regular recipient of Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award in various categories of both Top in the UAE and Top in the World.

June-23 1st position holders in Year 5 & 6 Category – Ignited Mental Maths Competition
June-23 Honourable Mention Award at the 51st International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice 2023
June-23 Pristine Private School amongst the Top 3 performing schools in the region at the World Economics Cup
May-23 Special Mention – The Flag Project
May-23 IOS Design Challenge Winner amongst Top 200 Winners in UAE organised by Sandooq Al Watan and Apply Distinguished
May-23 Honourable Mention Delegate Award at the Youth Global Solutions Summit organised by Delhi Private School, Sharjah
May-23 Best Delegate and Best Action Plan Awards at the inter-school Youth for Sustainability Summit organised by MSB Private School, Dubai
May-23 Best Overall winner in the Elementary and Middle School category of the 2023 Graphic Design Challenge, the theme for this challenge was “Power Of We”.
May-23 1st place in Poetry Out Loud Interschool competition.
Mar-23 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal in KenKen World’s Largest Math Puzzle Championship.
Mar-23 Gold and Silver medal winners for various categories such as Team Debate, Scholar’s Challenge and Collaborative Writing at the World Scholars Cup Regional Dubai Round.
Feb-23 Top 5 stories selected for the VoFG Gifted Writers Programme in 1500 words Story Writing Competition based on SDGs
Feb-23 Best Chair certificate awarded for the UN Women Committee at the Al Salam Community School Model United Nations (ASCS).
Jan-23 Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots School Award.
Jan-23 First position holder in the Primary category in Mathletics Maths Competition.
Jan-23 First position holder across UAE. Practiced for 86 hours and 18 mins, with the maximum number of hours in Mathletics Maths Competition.
Jan-23 First Place SDG Hero Poster Competition.
Jan-23 Bronze Medal winner for Web Designing Competition – University of West London.
Jan-23 RIT Dubai- YAS in School Competition 2023
• 2nd and 3rd Place Winners
• Best Performance on the terrain
• Best verbal presentation
Jan-23 Winner and cash prize awardee for Enterprise Adventure Challenge.
Jan-23 Runner Up in Juniors Category at Al Diyafah Interschool Online Advertisement Competition.
Dec-22 A new record holder of 5 new UAE records for 10 years old Emirates International Swimming Championship.
Dec-22 1st position -Junior Colonel Group & Senior Colonel Group (Year 6 to 10) CodeNova 2022.
Dec-22 Senior Category Winners at Code Nova Hackathon by icodejr.
Dec-22 Gold & Silver Medalist-Economics Aggregate Award, Global 1st and 13th Place-Fundamentals and Global 5th Place-Deep Comprehension at the World Economics Cup.
Nov-22 First Place winner for Minecraft Challenge DS Venturist hosted by Dubai Scholars Pvt School.
Nov-22 First and third place winners for REVAS Inter-school Business Simulation Competition hosted by Pristine Private School, Dubai.
Nov-22 First and second place winners for RIT Cyber Security Challenge.
Second place winner for Robotics Autonomous Emerson Challenge.
Nov-22 First Place winners at Learning Market held by GEMS Winchester School, Jebel Ali.
Nov-22 First Place winners for ACCA Quiz Competition at Manipal University, Dubai.
Nov-22 Second Place winners for Expressions – Speech Choir Event at Apple International School.
Nov-22 6 students nominated under Top 10 for the 2022 Invention Challenge.
Nov-22 8 Finalists in My Hero SDG Poster Contest (partnership with Art Miles and United Nations Association).
Oct-22 DigiInventors -UAE Country Finalists.
Oct-22 First place winner in the Senior Category and 2nd place winner in the Junior Category in the Inter School Qira’t Competition hosted by Al Diyafah High School.
Oct-22 Best debater and most knowledgeable award in the Seniors Category and best debater award in the Junior Category at the Dubai Nigeria Debate Championship.
Sept-22 Recognition as a Microsoft Showcase School.
Sept-22 First position Gold Medallist in the White Belt Category, Jiu Jitsu Club – Mother of the Nature Kids Festival.
Sept-22 Story published in the VoFG anthology of short stories by children is awarded as ‘The Most Harmonious Inclusion of a Theme’ by HH Sheikha Hissa bint Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Sept-22 1st place in the 50 meters Butterfly Swimming Competition held by Hamilton Aquatics.
Aug-22 School of Excellence Award in the International Astronomy & Astrophysics Competition.
June-22 Four Teams of Year 9 won prizes for the Art of Recycle Workshop facilitated by Art Dubai.
June-22 3rd place at F1 in Schools Test Driver Challenge 2022.
June-22 First place in the Simply Bottles Rethink Plastic Art Challenge 2021-22 “Green Dream Garden”.
June-22 Best International Entry for “Young Coders 2022” meeting required standards of British Science Association Crest Award.
June-22 Runner Up position in the Final Round in the Badminton Tournament in Dubai School Games 2021-2022 organised by Dubai Sports Council.
June-22 First place across UAE in the Ignited Mental Math Competition organised by Ignited Mind Lab.
June-22 Third place in the Team Eagle Racers at the F1 in Schools Test Driver Challenge 2022.
June-22 Four teams won prizes for the Art of Recycle Workshop facilitated by Art Dubai.
May-22 1st place winners for ‘Lobotomy’ – a Psychology Quiz a part of PsychED Conference organised at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai.
May-22 Honourable Mention Award at the 49th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts. Lidice, Czech Republic.
Apr-22 Third place and Honourable Mention in the speech competition category held by Never Such Innocence.
Apr-22 Third place winners for the public speaking competition held at Emirates Environmental Group (EEG)’s.
Apr-22 First place in Music Category – Viewer’s Choice – Gulf Medical University MASE.
Mar-22 FWW Model United Nation awarded Five awards for Best Delegate Award, Diplomacy Award, Honourable Mention.
Mar-22 Best Global Business Plan awarded as part of the School Enterprise Challenge (UK).
Mar-22 Three Gold Medals and one Silver Medal in the Individual Challenge at The Professor’s Academic Challenge – Mathematics Challenge.
Mar-22 First, Second and Third place winners in the Annual Inter School Qirat Competition held by Cambridge International School.
Mar-22 First and Second place winner in the Annual Inter School Qirat Competition held by Al Sadiq Islamic English School.
Mar-22 First position winner in the Global Canvas Competition 2022. Theme “Forest of the Lands”.
Mar-22 First runner-up for “Innovation – Your Ultimate Innovation Marathon under the theme Robotics smart Mobility in association with Brainy n Bright & Expo Dubai 2020.
Mar-22 First place category winners in the Angel on Earth Competition held at the EXPO Indian Pavilion.
Feb-22 Student Felicitation ‘Poetic Heart Event’ for the poem published in “The Book of Poems” released by the Poetic Heart Association this academic year.
Feb-22 2nd Place winner – Inter-School Virtual Coding Competition – Code Challenge 3.0 conducted by Young Vision and Skyline University
Feb-22 First Place winners for ‘The DigiInventors Challenge’ in association with Glasgow Warriors & Expo Dubai 2020 amongst 115 teams comprising of 450 school students from 38 schools across UAE.
Feb-22 Third Position in the World Food Day Poster Contest held by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations amongst 1700 poster entries.
Jan-22 Certificate of Membership -UN SDSN Youth’s Global Schools Program (PPS is a signatory of the ‘School Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals’ and therefore a member of the Global Schools Program).
Dec-21 Honourable Mention in 49th, International Children´s exhibition of fine arts Lidice.
Dec-21 Finalist in Chevron Reader’s Cup – Secondary (Arabic)
Dec-21 Finalist in Chevron Reader’s Cup – Secondary.
Nov-21 Second place in Young Vision Coding Challenge 2021
Nov-21 Finalist in Poetic Heart 2021 – 11th Edition Poetry Competition
Nov-21 International Olympiad Foundation_National Science Qualifier – UAE Rank 1
Nov-21 International Olympiad Foundation_National Mathematics Qualifier – UAE National Rank 4.
Nov-21 KenKen International Maths Puzzle Championship 2021_Natioan Level Round.
Nov-21 The Climate Action School of Excellence Award received from TAG and Cartoon Network
Oct-21 First Runner Up – EXPO 2020 Dreams for Earth Competition by Hack for Earth Foundation
Oct-21 3rd Place in the  Inter School Qira’t Competition held by Al Diyafah High School LLC
Jun–21 Laurels to Pristine at the UNESCO-Idries Shah Foundation – World Tales Short Story Competition.
– Winner – 18 years old category,
– Honourable mention – 14/15 years old category
– Honourable mention – 16/17 years old category
Jun–21 Team win at the ADNOC – Yas in Schools Test Drive Challenge
• 3rd Place winners – F1 in schools – 12-17 years old category
Jun–21 Honourable Mention (amongst 11,213 artwork from over 72 countries) – 49th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts – Lidice Gallery, Czech Republic themed “ROBO&artificial”
Jun–21 Finalists in Top 50 Race Off – Adnoc Stem Challenge: F1 In Schools Test Driver Challenge
May–21 First Place – Surah Yaseen Category, 3rd place – Juzz’ 21 – 30 category – Virtual Hidayah Academy Qur’an competition of Ramadan 2021
May–21 First Place – Future Champ STEAM Quiz – by Skillsplay & Junkbot
May–21 First prize – Marketing Challenge by Uable – Quest – Future of Work – Global Schools Event.
May–21 Finalist for the UNESCO World Tales Short Story Competition – UNESCO and The Idries Shah Foundation
Apr–21 First Prize Creative Writing Competition in Arabic by University of Dubai
Apr–21 Best Video – Ramadan with Safety Ambassadors Video Competition by Dubai Police
Mar–21 Finalists in RAK FinQuizitive – University of Stirling
Mar–21 Special Mention Ideation – Middlesex University
Mar–21 1st Place Year 12 Group, 2nd Place Year 10 Group – 2021 NSS Space Settlement Contest
Mar–21 Semi- Finalist – Tatawwar Programme
Mar–21 Global Quran Recitation Competition 2021
Feb–21 Finalist in Poetic Heart – Poetry Competition by Emirates Literature Festival
Feb–21 1st Place in Annual Inter School Qirat Competition by Al Sadiq Islamic English School
Feb–21 Youngest Participant invited to Warwick University Hackathon
Jan–21 1st place in Grammex Wangle – Debating competition by Grammar School
Nov-20 Two teams placement in top 10 from over 200 teams – Curtin University Business Cup Challenge
Nov-20 Best Critical Thinking Team and Collaboration, Teams Award – Taqaddam Round 5
Nov-20 1st position Poster Category, 3rd position Painting Category – Gulf Medical University Exhibition (GMU Mase)
Nov-20 2nd position – Rock the Pitch – Business Incubation Week Event organized by University of Stirling, RAK, UAE
Oct-20 One of Top 10 winners – World Maths Day competition by Heriot Watt University
Jul-20 Bronze International Astronomy & Astrophysics Competition
Jun-20 NASA Scientist for a Day
Feb-20 STEM Quiz – Curtin University
Feb-20 Heriot Watt Programming Challenge
Nov-19 1st Place – RIT 10th Annual Engineering Competition – Hacking
Nov-19 2nd Place –  RIT 10th Annual Engineering Competition – Design Thinking
Nov-19 2nd Place – Pakistan Association Dubai – Urdu Essay Writing Competition
Nov-19 2nd Place – Pakistan Association Dubai – English Speech Competition
Sep-19 3rd Place – UAE Cyberweek AI Competition
Jun-19 1st Place – HSBC Tatawwar Programme
Jun-19 Top in the World – Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award – AS Computer Science – May/June 2019
Sep-18 Bronze Award – The Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition (Senior Category)
Sep-18 1st Place – Cyber Quest 5th Edition 2018 –
Jun-18 First place in Best Across Eight IGCSE Subjects – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards –  May/June 2018
Jun-18 Top in World for IGCSE Travel & Tourism – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards – May/June 2018
Jun-18 Top in UAE for IGCSE Computer Science – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards – May/June 2018
Jun-18 Top in UAE for IGCSE Biology – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards – May/June 2018
Jun-18 Top in UAE for IGCSE Art & Design – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards – May/June 2018
May-18 Environmental Excellence School Award (EESA) by Bee’ah School of environment
May-18 Children’s International Film Festival (CIFF)
Mar-18 3rd Place – CUD Robotics Competition
Mar-18 1st Place School Level Round – Zayed Painting Competition
Mar-18 ACER ARABIC Distinction and Higher Distinction Award
Mar-18 2nd Place Poetry Writing – Taalem Award – Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
Feb-18 Rank among top 20 of the National Level – KENKEN Felicitation Ceremony
Feb-18 1st Place – NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest
Jan-18 1st Position – Science Interschool Competition for Primary
Nov-17 International Exhibition of Children’s Fine Art Lidice 2017
Nov-17 1st Place – RIT Aotonomous Robotics Competition
Oct-17 1st Palce – GMU Mase Painting Category (‘Mind Enhancing’)
Oct-17 2nd Place – GMU Mase Poster Category (‘Pyrolysis’)
Jun-17 Top in the UAE May/June 2017 – First Language English IGCSE – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards
Jun-17 Top in the UAE May/June 2017 IGCSE – Travel and Tourism – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards
Jun-17 Top in the UAE May/June 2017 A Level – Business Studies – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards

Pristine Private School’s participation in TAQQADAM ‘Moving Forward’ 2017, an aspirational and innovative youth development program initiated by the British Council in partnership with HSBC, led to its students emerging as winners across schools from the UAE for their ideation and proposal of a design for a Food Wastage App.

Pristine Private School was recognized for attaining a position in the Grade 4 (Year 5) and Grade 8 (Year 9) category among the Top 3 highest performing schools in the UAE for the worldwide assessment, ‘Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study’ (TIMSS) held in 2015. As part of a new initiative organized by the Supreme Council of Education and Human Resources, the school was presented a special award by HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Chairman of the Council. Being recognized at the ceremony spoke volumes about Pristine’s long standing dedication and commitment to quality and excellence and its contribution towards the attainment of the National Agenda Targets.

Jun-16  Top in the World May/June 2016 AS Level – Applied ICT – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards
Jun-15  Top in the UAE for AS Level Psychology – May/June 2015 – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards
Jun-15 Top in the UAE for A level Applied ICT – May/June 2015 – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards
Jun-15 Top in the World for IGCSE Environmental Management – May/June 2015 – Cambridge Outstanding Learning Awards