Pristine Private School was established to provide an accessible, challenging and supportive center of excellence to serve the educational desires of families of multicultural and diverse backgrounds. It is a learning community which offers first class academic programs and a comprehensive array of sporting, cultural and performing arts activities thus allowing students to explore interests and develop a balance between academic proficiency, individual creativity and emerge as socially responsible individuals with a pursuit of lifelong learning.

We believe enabling children to excel in the challenges they will face in life is a shared ambition of both parents and our school. Our teachers and staff understand the importance of equipping our children in their earliest of years with the pursuit of happiness, curiosity and life-long skills by guiding and supporting the leaders of tomorrow – for it is on them that the future depends.

Our core values provide the foundation for each and every one of our endeavors by promoting diversity, compassion, critical thinking, dedication, excellence, leadership, honesty, being future ready and innovation.

These values and beliefs are built on close to 30 years of experience teaching, supporting, nurturing and graduating thousands of young minds from almost a hundred countries. During this period, we are proud to have collected numerous awards for quality and excellence and had many of our happy alumni report back on how they have graduated from some of the best universities in the world and excelled in their personal and professional lives.

As a family owned and operated school, we understand the importance of family values, a desire to excel and simple hard work. Despite having earned a reputation as a premier institution for academic excellence, continuous school improvement and the pursuit of the highest standards of education have been embedded in our culture since our foundation and this philosophy enables our students and people with the determination to continually excel and move onward and upward!

I look forward to welcoming you to our school and to the Pristine family.

Shahida Salam
Founder Director