Pristine Private School firmly believes that a proactive and positive home school partnership enhances the overall experience of students during their educational journey at the school. Parents being our partners engage themselves on various occasions for the best possible outcomes.

The Pristine Parent School Council (PPSC) is run by enthusiastic volunteering parents who willingly devote their time and energy to contribute towards key events and development of the school community. The organisation along with the School leadership Team helps to foster a sense of support, pride, and enthusiasm through the creation of family activities, volunteer-based programs that support all stakeholders.


  1. To develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and school
  2. To develop parent leadership and build capacity for greater involvement
  3. To foster and encourage parent participation on all levels and promote meaningful parental and community involvement.
  4. To provide opportunities and training for parents to participate in home school partnership.
  5. To enhance our school’s programs and enrichment activities beyond the regular curriculum for the students.
  6. Facilitate and organise initiatives, activities, and events at school,
  7. Ease the transition of new families to a new school and a new culture
  8. To ensure that all our members of the school community with diverse backgrounds and cultures have a shared vision.
  9. Take initiative towards organising parent led events.

The PPSC is a non-dues organization for all parents.  Its sole purpose is to support the school in enhancing parent engagement by initiating appropriate activities that advance the standard of the school and further strengthen the Home-School partnership.