Principals Welcome

Established in 1992, Pristine Private School has been deeply committed not only towards delivering quality education but ensuring that every child is equipped with the key skills required to succeed in the 21st century. Keeping in line with the school motto Pristine Private School has been steadily moving on its Onward and Upward journey to consistently create Pathways of Excellence for its students.



Post 16 Student (2021)

Meeting new people and listening to new ideas makes me happy. The privilege of being exposed to a wide range of cultures and perspectives present throughout the school community has greatly enhanced my outlook on what it means to be a global citizen, and gives me the confidence needed to move on to the next stages of my life.

Post 16 Student (2021)

The strong sense of community is something that I love since the day I joined the school. People from different countries respect each other and are always there to support no matter what. It is an environment where meaningful dialogue is encouraged and students work together in harmony.

Which School Advisor (2021)

A focus on academics wrapped in a great deal of warmth is evident throughout all areas of Pristine.

Year 10 Student (2021)

I believe that this institute has opened several pathways for me. It taught me the importance of being able to work alongside others despite differences and pushed me to strive for goals that I thought were once impossible.

Year 11 Student (2021)

The chance to take part in many extra-curriculars makes me happy. I have been a part of multiple competitions where I worked with peers and met new people enhancing my understanding and knowledge.

Which School Advisor (2021)

Pristine Private School is widely regarded as one of the best value UK curriculum based schools in Dubai.

Dubai School Inspection Bureau (2020)

The best features of the school: Children’s very strong outcomes and the stimulating learning environment in the FS; students’ excellent personal and social development; the high-level safety arrangements, including the arrangements for child protection and safeguarding; students’ very good attainment in English, mathematics and science in the primary and secondary phases.

School parent of 13 years (2020)

I commend the school for a successful implementation of the distance learning program for the students amid the COVID-19 outbreak. PPS once again proved to be the best choice I made 13 years ago. I have witnessed the faculty and administration to be candid, forthright, and genuinely interested in doing what is best for the students in a controlled and safe environment. The foundation that the school has instilled in my son is priceless. Thank you for always doing all you can to bring out the best and for constantly motivating and encouraging students to strive.

Member of the Teaching Faculty (2020)

I served in the school for almost two years as an English teacher and I am proud to say that my decision of working with this school was worthwhile… They take every precautionary measure to help students grow academically or as a human. All I can say is, you guys are doing great, keep growing.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award Winning Secondary Student (2019)

I was really happy to see my mark, and I wasn’t expecting this at all. They told us we will be receiving a Cambridge award.