Pristine Private School is an inclusive school committed to high academic standards, wellbeing and development of all students in a common learning environment. The meaningful learning opportunities for all groups of students enable them to fully achieve their potential and feel valued for their contributions.

Graduated Approach

At PPS we use the Graduated Approach to identify and address the needs of each child. The learning needs of all children are considered and planned for. All learning is appropriately challenging, and support is provided where appropriate.

  • Academic planning is based on assessment and takes account of prior learning. Objectives are specific and differentiated appropriately with clear success criteria.
  • Classrooms are purposeful, organised and well-resourced environments which encourage and facilitate learners’ independence and creativity.
  • Teachers deploy a planned range of creative teaching skills, strategies, approaches and personalised interventions in order to engage all learners.
  • There are high expectations and high aspirations for all pupils, regardless of their current levels of achievement.


PPS Inclusion Support Team

Inclusion Support Team comprises of the Principal, Head of Inclusion, Senior Leadership Team, Support Teachers, Learning Support Assistant, Student, parents and the Inclusion Governor

Policies, Frameworks and Legislation  

Inclusion Policy 

School Admission Policy

Gifted and Talented Policy

Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework

Dubai Law No 2 of 2014 Concerning Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Federal Law no. (29) of year 2006 regarding the People of Determination rights

Gifted and Talented Inclusion Process        

The term ‘gifted’ is used to describe a wide range of exceptional abilities that students may display from any age.

If the student is ‘talented’ they will have a high level of performance in areas such as music, art, craft, dance or sport. Gifts or talents can exceed age level performance and be different within the context of culture.

At Pristine Private School identified G&T students are developed according to their special abilities to achieve their utmost potential. Teachers extend and challenge their learning ensuring students enjoy, fulfill, develop and sustain their special talents through a variety of opportunities within and outside the classroom. This allows them to explore avenues that may be quite different from their usual learning, yet nurtures and enriches their learning environment.