Annual School Fee AY 20-21

The annual fee structure for the school is as follows:

Year GroupTuition FeeOther FeeUniform FeeInternational AssessmentsDaily Essentials
FS 110,0543,560314
FS 210,6743,647314350
Year 111,3724,316443450220
Year 211,3724,244443450220
Year 311,3724,562450450
Year 412,0334,562406600
Year 512,0334,843302600
Year 612,0334,902302600
Year 712,7165,603314600
Year 813,1545,813314600
Year 913,9214,538314150
Year 1017,0564,696283150
Year 1117,9745,750283
Year 1218,8354,162283
Year 1318,8354,220283


Other fee include activity fee, computer fee, library fee, Science Lab fee, Annual Co-Curricular fee, Medical fee, Book Fee. Other fee and Uniform Fee (Incl. 5% VAT) are part of the mandatory services of the school.

Additional fees are payable for mandatory external examinations and selected options such as Field Trips, After School Activities, School Overnight Camp, SEN Learning Support, English Learning Support, Annual Photography, Graduation Ceremony, Annual Concert USB, International Assessment, Daily Essentials, ICE Certificate Entry Fee and Cambridge AICE Diploma Entry Fee.

Please note, the above fees are subject to change as per KHDA approval.


For confirmation of placement for new students, the following admissions deposits are payable and non-refundable but adjustable against tuition fee. In addition to the admission deposit, a non-refundable and nonadjustable admission fee of AED 500/- and a refundable security deposit of AED 1000/- will also be payable.

For reregistering students, a deposit must be paid before the reregistration. This deposit is non-refundable but is adjustable against tuition fee for following year.

Following are the deposits applicable for each year group:

Year GroupRe-Registration DepositAdmission Deposit (New Students)
FS 1N/A1,000
FS 25001,000
Year 15001,100
Year 25501,100
Year 35501,100
Year 45501,200
Year 56001,200
Year 66001,200
Year 76001,250
Year 86001,300
Year 96501,350
Year 106501,700
Year 118501,750
Year 128501,850
Year 139001,850

Payment Schedule

The school fees will be due via cash or cheque from the date of invoicing and latest by the 22nd of August 2020 and must be submitted and cleared prior to delivery of books and uniform.

For parents opting to pay term wise, the following is applicable:

  • 1st Term Fees: 22nd August 2020
  • 2nd Term Fees: 1st January 2021
  • 3rd Term Fees: 1st April 2021

The respective amounts due for each term shall be available in the invoice.

Annual School Fee AY 21-22

Click to view the AY21-22 fee structure. Please note, fees are subject to change as per KHDA approval.