For your reference, we have answered some frequently asked questions you may have about the new Junior Campus, changes to the Main Campus and our plans for what the Academic Year 2022-2023 will be like.

Q1. When will classes start at Junior Campus?

Ans. Classes are scheduled to commence for FS1 to Y2 at the Junior Campus from the start of academic year 2022-2023. The Junior Campus is currently under construction and subject to KHDA final approval.

Q2. How far is the Junior Campus from the current Main Campus? 

Ans. The Junior Campus is less than 750m from the Main Campus and should take less than 5 minutes to reach by car. Click here to view the Junior Campus location on Google Maps

Q3. Which Year Groups will attend school at the Junior Campus? 

Ans. From the academic year 22-23 all students at Pristine Private School from FS1 to Y2 will attend school at the Junior Campus.

Q3. Which Year Groups will attend school at the Main Campus? 

Ans. From the academic year 22-23 all students at Pristine Private School from Y3 to Y13 will attend school at the Main Campus.

Q5. How is this new campus going to be beneficial for the students? 

Ans. The school is expanding its provisions for Modern-Day Learning and the Junior Campus will be a purpose-built, state-of-the-art campus for the youngest students of FS1 to Year-2. The Junior Campus is designed to create a multifunctional learning environment with advanced learning spaces, providing a nurturing and welcoming start to school life from FS1 to Year-2. This will prepare children for a confident transition to our Main Campus to continue their education from Year-3 till Year-13.

The existing main campus will see enhancement in provisions and educational facilities for students of Year-3 to Year-13 who will fully benefit from additional space and environment. Access to an increasing range of technology integrated learning experiences equip students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the careers of the future.

The enhanced facilities will allow students of early years, primary, secondary and post 16 to flourish on campuses that suit their respective educational needs, driven by the common mission and vision and a shared leadership.

Q6. I have children who will be enrolled at both campuses, how will pick and drop work? 

Ans. To facilitate parents to pick and drop children enrolled at both campuses, the start and end times of the school day shall be staggered with a 15 minute gap. For school timings, please see

Q7. If I have to deposit the school fee in person, which campus should I go to?

Ans. Over the counter payment of fees will be accepted at the Main Campus

Q8. Where will I collect the books and uniforms from?

Ans. Over the counter books and uniform can be collected at the Main Campus

Q9. Where will the transport office be located?

Ans. The transport office will be located in the Main Campus

Q10. Is there space available for parking close to the Junior Campus?

Ans. Yes. Sufficient parking is available outside the Junior Campus