We see our classrooms as creative spaces where hearts and minds sync to meet the demands of the 21st century learning and living.

It nurtures our pupils’ creative abilities to express themselves, collaborate, and navigate complex amounts of information so that they are confident problem-solvers.

Our greatest strength is that we know how children learn. Our learning and teaching principles stimulate children to be active- intellectually, physically, verbally, socially, and academically competent- in an environment in which they are cared for and valued. These beliefs drive our unique curriculum – Pristine Pathways, providing us insights to keep innovating in Creating Pathways of Excellence.

We train them to be ‘Future-Ready’.  With an eye on the future and the needs of future citizens, we strive to create learning pathways which are meaningful for all children, connects with their wider lives, promoting independence and interdependence, and the development of positive attitudes to lifelong learning with a growth-mindset. Critical Thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills are the critical domains for every Pristinian.

We teach not just the Curriculum Standards for academic competence; WE also TEACH every Pristinian to grow love, hope, learning and joy, to ‘live safe, healthy & fulfilling lives’.

We teach for lifelong learning and social-emotional wellbeing. We empower dispositions to become an effective citizen by nurturing social competence and self-concept, rights and responsibilities, respect, honesty, compassion, integrity, empathy, diversity and tolerance, healthy-living, excellence, leadership. We teach to ‘Drive Change; Think Sustainability’

We practice an open door and open mind philosophy. The idea of Possibilities enables ‘thinking out of the box’, creative and innovative ideas- inspiring Pristinians to broaden their horizons through exposure to a wide range of life possibilities; there is never just one way to do something!

As much we are educators, we also feel deeply as community members which defines our roles @Pristine, and help us to focus with clarity on educating the ‘whole- child’- in body, mind and spirit.

We understand that if we want a future that is vastly more thoughtful, cooperative, compassionate, and loving, then we have to create it. We empower Pristinians to THINK BIG by deliberately taking steps to cultivate skillful thinking in our student community. Creativity and innovation is nurtured by an enriching co-curricular domain, with Enterprise & Possibilities as our key curriculum drivers.

Learning without Walls

Field Trips and excursions are included within the units of study and provide students true moments of experiential learning. Outings may include visiting the mangroves, or speeding off in a Ferrari, paying respects to the Father of the Nation at the SZM or getting a bird’s eye view of Dubai from the BurjKhalifa. The outreach international CAS programs have been exponential in providing lifelong learning beyond boundaries.

A School with a Difference

We are a School that is ready for the FUTURE! Our teaching methodologies and student engagement practices ensure that students are ready to ask questions such as “What If?” They begin to think and process information, to don various hats to analyse beyond the obvious and are being trained to seek various sources of information to derive their answers.

The curriculum caters to the needs of the 21st Century learners thereby providing the opportunity to explore and synthesise facts and to be able to face the next challenges of the real world, well equipped with the necessary skills to

  • Engage creatively and collaborate effectively
  • Communicate in the most challenging scenarios
  • Critically analyse and process information.

The School’s philosophy is based on personalised attention through developmental, appropriate and challenging learning activities in order to encourage positive self-esteem and emotional well-being of each child. It offers children an opportunity to learn and develop in a secure, creative and stimulating environment.

We Create Future Leaders

From Foundation Stage to Post 16 we work together with parents to create future leaders. Whether it is displaying skills of maturity in taking ownership of a device, or managing the class library, students take pride in leading by example. Opportunities are created for students to participate in Leadership Seminars and Conferences both locally and globally. At the end of the day, our rigorous academic program gives every PPS student a competitive edge; values-based learning and skills set for their next phase of life.