Pristine Private School opened its doors in 1992 and began as a small primary school operating out of a five-room bungalow. 35 students registered at the end of the first academic year and the high standard of education introduced by the school saw its popularity rise with each passing year. In 2002, the school moved into its current facility in Al Nahda 2 Dubai which was designed with the objective to provide a purpose-built school campus with state-of- the-art facilities to meet the 21st century needs of the growing student body.

From inception, the aim was of creating an institution which would provide students a truly value based education, laced with deep sense of discipline, high moral and ethical values leading to highest standards of Academic Excellence.

These ideals, though had sounded lofty at one stage, are already transformed into a reality in the shape of PPS, as a matured, well known and well recognized center of learning, where young individuals are being nurtured as sensitive people with strong values, leveraging their achievements towards strengthening and gelling communities in a truly International environment.

The school dedicates this success to all who have tirelessly worked hard all along, with professional honesty and competence to create a conducive environment in the school to nurture passionate teachers and learners and laid a solid groundwork to ensure continued leadership and excellence for the years beyond. The school thanks all those individuals of substance, as well as for all the past and present stakeholders of the school – parents, guardians, students and members of the faculty.