Member of the Teaching Faculty (2020)

I served in the school for almost two years as an English teacher and I am proud to say that my decision of working with this school was worthwhile… They take every precautionary measure to help students grow academically or as a human. All I can say is, you guys are doing great, keep growing.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award Winning Secondary Student (2019)

I was really happy to see my mark, and I wasn’t expecting this at all. They told us we will be receiving a Cambridge award.

Dubai School Inspection Bureau (2018)

Students’ very high level of personal and social skills continue to be a key strength of the school.

Primary School Parent (2018)

It’s really indeed a great experience and I can easily sense it my kid must be having a great time at the school and my choice of selecting Pristine is indeed the best thing I have done till date.

Dubai School Inspection Bureau (2018)

The welfare of students and keeping them safe and protected are given a high priority. Attention to their social and emotional needs is of a very high standard.

Arabian Gazette (2017)

Pristine Private School Dubai’s philosophy is based on personalized attention through developmentally appropriate and challenging learning activities in order to encourage positive self-esteem and emotional well being of each child. It offers children an opportunity to learn and develop in a secure, creative and stimulating environment.

Secondary School Student (2016)

The opportunity to try new things at school makes me happy. I have been able to volunteer, participate in concerts, be part of the student council and accompany my peers on educational school trips.

Secondary School Student (2016)

Teamwork makes me happy. I play in the school basketball team and just being able to engage and interact with others is a big positive. I think we should continuously encourage teamwork in schools.